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El Soberbio, Argentina:

El Soberbio

river and jungle safari argentina

El Soberbio is a place to come in tune with nature for its numerous falls, wildlife, and pristine rivers passing through the wild jungle.

It is located in the subtropical Paranaense region, one of the most diverse forest ecosystems in Argentina.

El Soberbio is the nearest town to the famous Moconá Falls, approximately 75km away through a paved road. Also known as the Yucumã Falls, these striking waterfalls run parallel to the uruguay river and are the second most famous waterfalls in Argentina, after the Iguazú falls.


Yucumã Falls parallel to the uruguay river

Moconá means in guaraní language "that which swallows everything" and is considered the world’s only longitudinal waterfalls. The canyon is approximately 3 kilometers long and there are waterfalls in parallel to the Uruguay river ONLY when the level of its water is low. There are rubber boat excursions to visit the falls from the water.


stunning Moconá waterfalls canyon

The falls itself are not visible when the river is full and its height varies depending on the volume of the water from the Uruguay River. The height of the falls may be up to 12 mts. only visible at low water.


The Moconá Provincial Park and the Esmeralda Reserve are protected areas of the Ecological Reserve Yabotí Biosphere.


tropical landscape of El Soberbio, Misiones

The town is named after El Soberbio stream and it is located on the banks of the Uruguay river which makes a natural border between Argentina and Brasil. On the other side of the Uruguay river it is located the small village of Porto Soberbo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Being a frontier area, culture is indeed peculiar due to: the brazilian influence and "portunhol" language accepted in this borderline zone, the presence of german and polish inmigrants, and the easy access to the river for commercial exchanges.


safari, ecotours, jungle, Misiones, Argentina

This rich area is mainly used to cultivate the national herb ’yerba mate’ tea drink, tea, tobacco, wood, and essential grass like lemon grass and citronella. The citronella, an antiseptip medicinal plant frequently used as an ecologic repelent, grows in very few places in the world. The areas planted with essential grass and the extraction of its essences oils, turned the town into the "Essence Capital of Argentina".

Many business venture have been settling in town due to the international tourism demand. There are lodges in the middle of the jungle, inns, hotels, hostel and typical cabins of the area.


falls in El Soberbio rainforest, Misiones, Argentina

Eco-tourism & safari



- Hiking and birdwatching
- Kayaking, canoe, rafting, rubber boat tours
- Mountain bike

- Paraíso waterfall: with natural pools from the Paraíso brook
- Yerbas waterfall
- Horacio Foerster waterfall
- El Soberbio river resorts
- Horseback riding
- 4x4 tours
- Wild camping
- Typical cabins of the area
- Guarani small villages
- Adventure races

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cabins in el soberbio river, misiones, argentinaCabins with stunning view towards the El Soberbio stream.


Warm and friendly atmosphere :)


- Cabins with private bathroom & A/A
- Hut
- Breakfast & Homemade Meals
- Bicycle - Kayak Rental & Tours
- Trekking & Birdwatching

- Handicrafts: Dreamcatchers & Orgonitas


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