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Hotel in El Soberbio, Argentina - Cabañas BUENA VISTA:

Hotel: Cabaņas BUENA VISTA

cabins in el soberbio river, misiones, argentina


"Buena Vista" (Good View :) Cabins
The cabins are located in a spot with a stunning view towards the El Soberbio stream. Therefore, it is named after its ditinguished GOOD VIEWS!


cabins in the river, jungle and wildlife

- Cabins with private bathroom
- Air conditioning
- Hut
- Breakfast
- Homemade meals

- Bicycle-Kayak Rental and Tours
- Trekking - Trails - Excursions
- Birdwatching
- Descent to the El Soberbio brook
- Handicrafts & souvenirs: Dreamcatchers and orgonitas

trekking - handicrafts - birdwatching in Misiones

Attended by its owners, they offer a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Information and experience in ecology, medicinal plants, carpentry, music, sports and adventure :)

Address: Route 13 KM 4 (on the road to El Plata camping)
Mobile: (0341) 156-540453 and (0341) 155-784231


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