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Mendoza, Argentina:


Tourism and Vacations in Mendoza, Cuyo, Argentina

The Province of Mendoza, “the land of good sunshine and good wine”, is one of the most important Wine regions in Argentina with one of the world’s finest wines production.

Lying at the base of the Andean mountain range, Mendoza is internationally known for hosting the highest summit in Western hemisphere of Mount Aconcagua, and for being the cradle of Argentina’s Liberation Army expedition to cross the Andes in the heroic campaign of Independence led by General San Martín.

Mendoza capital city, the most important in the region of Cuyo, is one of the cleanest and fine-looking cities in the country. The city is known for it’s historical district, museums, cultural centers, aquarium, churches, vineyards, wineries and squares.


The Foundational Area Museum in Mendoza, Cuyo, Argentina

Sightseeing around the city includes: the Foundational area of Mendoza, the cathedral of the colonial city;  San Martín Park with the historical monument of the "Cerro de la Gloria" (The Hill of Glory).

Mendoza is the starting point for a wide variety of adventure sports and activities such as skiing, climbing, horseback riding, mountaineering, and rafting in the Mendoza River. The Wine Route is also a mayor attraction in town.


Cerro de la Gloria (The Hill of Glory)

Cerro de la Gloria - Hill of Glory in Mendoza city, Argentina

This bronze monument is Mendoza’s most famous sightseeing spot. It is a national monument to the Army of the Andes as a homage to their successful liberation campaign for the Independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru.


The monument of “La Patria al Ejército de los Andes” (“The Nation to the Army of the Andes”) commemorates in images the epic crossing of the Andes. There’s a statue of José de San Martín seated on his creolle horse, arms crossed and a calm look on his face. The statue is surrounded by six grenadiers on its left, representing the 6 stages it took him to cross to Chile. There are images of creolle and black people, ladies from Mendoza donating their jewelry to the Army, crying women farewelling their husbands and sons, and at the top there is a Liberty image.


View of Mendoza from the Hill of Glory lookout, Argentina

Appreciate amazing panoramic views of the city from a vantage point of the Hill of Glory. A route up the hill passes by a Greek theater with a capacity up to 23,000 people, where the Wine Festival is carried out yearly. The entrance is through San Martin Park, the most beautiful green area in the city.

Horseback riding into the Andes Mountain Range
There are many adventure activities around the City of Mendoza. The most famous one is the Crossing of the Andes on Horseback, from the open valleys of the Argentinean pampas towards the steep Chilean volcanoes. There are two historical routes through the mountain ranges (the Uspallata and Los Patos passes) the Argentine Army, led by General José de San Martín, took to liberate Chile from Spanish rule. This is one of the most important episodes in the Argentine and Chilean wars of independence.

Aconcagua Viewpoint

Aconcagua, America’s highest mountain 22841 ft
The Aconcagua, 6.962 meters, is the highest mountain after the Himalayas. Often referred to Ackon Cahuak, it means in Quechua ’Sentinel of Stone’. Follow the road to the Aconcagua viewpoint and contemplate the impressive mountain from a vantage point. Andinists from all over the world come to conquer its summit covered with eternal snow.

Enjoy Mendoza’s fascinating lanscapes on the road to Potrerillos, the same route Liberator San Martin took to free Chile from Spain. Potrerillos offers lodging that ranges from camping sites to classy hotels, adventure activities and great views of a dam. Heading west follow the multicolored Andean stone formation until you reach Uspallata after crossing a pre-range area.

Puente del Inca (Inca’s Bridge)

Puente del Inca - Inkas’s bridge in Mendoza, Argentina
The Bridge of the Inca is a natural rock bridge and hot springs. The Inca believed the thermal baths had healing powers for its high concentration of sulfur. The windows and rooms construction of this landmark is a live evidence of the advanced skills of the Incas. The curious calcareous ochre arch may have been formed by the petrification of the interaction of ice and sulphur waters of the hot springs. There used to be a thermal resort and hotel in the area that was destroyed by an avalanche.

Puente del Inca near Las Cuevas in Mendoza, Argentina

The names comes from a legend of the Incas in pre-Columbian times: Long before the arrival of the Spanish, a great Inca chief that had a child affected by paralysis, and heard about a place with healing waters. He traveled south with his best warriors and found the healing waters blocked but a raging river that prevented him from reaching them. His warriors embraced one another and built a human bridge that allowed the Inca to reach the other side. The Inca walked over their backs and healed his child into the thermal baths. When he turned to thank his warriors he found they had been petrified into stone creating what we know today as the famous Inca Bridge.

Las Cuevas (the Caves)

Las Cuevas Mendoza, Province of Mendoza, Cuyo, Argentina
Las Cuevas is a high mountain village near the border with the Republic of Chile. There’s an International road that crosses the milenary Andean Mountain Range that has existed since prehispanic times. The same road has been crossed by Huarpe aborigines, Incas and by San Martín with his Army to conquer Chile and Perú’s Independence.


Las cuevas - The caves in Mendoza, Argentina

At the border line between Chile and Argentina, on Santa Elena Mount, at 3.848 m.a.s.l. there is a statue of "Christ, the Redeemer" as a symbol of peace and unity.

Cañon del Atuel (Atuel Canyon)

The Atuel Canyon in San Rafael, Mendoza
San Rafael, located 37 km from Mendoza city, offers a gorgeous Tourist Circuit: the Atuel Canyon, Valle Grande and El Nihuil. The Atuel River offers many adventure sports for its amazing rapids, being river rafting and canoeing its main attractions. The Atuel Canyon has amazing rock formations caused by the erosion of the water and the wind.


Valle Grande and El Nihuil in Mendoza, Argentina

The area also has several hydroelectrical dams. The Valle Grande reservoir is an emerald water mirror ideal for swimming, diving, windsurfing, skiing, rowing, and boating. Nihuil dyke is an artificial lake over the Atuel river used for irrigation, electricity generation and water sports. In the area you can also visit the small village of Nihuil.

Las Leñas
Las Leñas is the top ski resort in Argentina. Famous for its snow quality, all levels trails for snowboarding, off-piste & cross-country skiing, first-class accommodation and fashion show-business people. It is the highest ski resort in the country, ideal for extreme ski and heli-ski. It also has one of the longest intermediate trails in the world and a modern system to make artificial snow. Las Leñas has a shelter  high up the mountain to enjoy both day and night.


Los Penitentes ski resort in Mendoza, Argentina
Located around 180 km from Mendoza City, Penitentes is a classic ski center in Mendoza guarded by Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in America. The winter resort has hundreds of ski areas for beginner, advanced and expert level, as well as a great lodging and commercial infrastructure at the base of the mount.

Wine Routes

Mendoza Winery tours - Vineyard & wine cellar in Argentina
Argentina is the 5th biggest wine producer in the world. Mendoza produces one of the world’s finest wines for it has all the perfect ingredients needed to make a good wine: dry climate, constant sunlight, day and night altitude temperatures, little wind, and rich mineral water up from the mountain range.

The wineries (known as bodegas) offer regional vineyards and wine tasting tours to learn about the wide variety of grapes that successfully grow in Mendoza (Malbec, red Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, Chardonnay, Semillon, Sangiovese).

To reach the stunning Villavicencio mineralized waters, there is a dazzling spiral route to go through. The area offers the old Villavicencio Hotel and gorgeous surroundings.

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