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Ferrugem, Brazil:


Praia da Ferrugem surf spot Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Praia da Ferrugem (Rust Beach) is a famous surf beach in southern Brazil with huge waves and intense summer nightlife where the young crowd and surfers choose to spend their holidays in.


It is located in the Municipality of Garopaba in the state of Santa Catarina, 80 km from Florianopolis.

Sea view from the Morro del Indio hill

The name of the beach derives from the yellow ocher color the water shows some days, that comes from the sands of the sea bed near canal. When sand settles at the bottom of the canal, it takes a rusty color.

This picturesque village with dirt streets is ideal to wander around on foot without the need of a vehicle. Its small downtown with Thai or Bali style decor, offers an array of bars, restaurants, discos, clubs, inns, shops and great nightlife, as well as quiet areas for relaxation.


Rustic bar on the beach, Praia da Ferrugem Brazil

Dawn in Ferrugem, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Rustic bars on the sand with live music in the evening are packed with people dancing in shorts, bikinis, sandals or just barefoot. The fun continues at night in bars and outdoor nightclubs, accompanied by cold beers and caipirinhas that allows holding the ball up the first rays of morning sun.


Lagoa da Encantada lagoon in Ferrugem, south Brazil

The beach is a bay enclosed by two hills with lush vegetation, intimidating waves, and a gorgeous blue sea, with the serenity of the Enchanted lagoon ’Lagoa da Encantada’ and the mystical power of the giant stones of an Indian cemetery.

Praia da Barra view, Ferrugem, Brazil

Panoramic wiew from the Morro del Indio hill

’El Morro do Indio’ is a hill with an ancient cemetery where the Tupi-Guarani Indians who inhabited the area buried their dead. Rocks are said to have taken the profile of the Indians buried on it and grooves can still be seen in vase-shaped stones.


Waves, beautiful women and exciting nightlife are the main ingredients that attract people from around the world to this truly idyllic tourist destination.

Praia da Barra view from the Morro do Indio hill



Snorkeling: You can snorkel in a number of beaches around the hills, where there are rock formations and a rich marine life.

Sandboarding, surfing and rappelling. To sandboard, walking south along the beach leads to a large hill covered with forest. A half an hour walk by a sandy path leads to a giant sand dunes to sandboard and contemplate from high above a view of the coast and mountains.

Praia da Barra: is a quiet beach with a panoramic view of the bay separated from Ferrugem by the estuary of ’Laguna Encantada’ and the former Indian Morro Cemetery.
Indian Cemeteries: south of the beach there is a hill entering the sea at the junction with the Barra Beach. In the ’Morro do Indio’, the indigenous ancestors that inhabited the region buried their dead there.
Ecological excursions: in Garopaba with horseback riding and beachcombing.
Cachoeiras Waterfalls: 20 min of Garopaba amidst the virgin forest of a nature reserve.
Beaches in the region: You may visit or just spend a day at the beach in Guarda do Embaú, Praia do Rosa, Garopaba, Silveria, Bombas y Bombinhas and Ibiraquera. Silveira Beach is an internationally recognized surf spot for its waves of 4 meters.

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