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Guarda Do Embaú, Brazil:

Guarda Do Embaś

Sea and River beach in Guarda Do Embau, Brazil

One of the best beaches in the south of Brazil, this paradisiac place is surrounded by the Uruburu green mountain range, by the "da Madre" river where colorful fishing boats cross tourists to the beach, by the dunes that reach to Gamboa beach 7 km away, and by the majestic waves that make this place a surf spot and nature lovers.

Sunset in Guarda Do Embau fishing boatsThe beach is young, with national and international tourists from all ages. Lots of virgin nature, and a very lively spot with daily events going on during the summer.


Guarda Do Embaú is located inside the State Park “Serra do Tabuleiro”, 40 km south of  Florianopolis (BR 101) and 40 Km north of Garopaba.





Pedra do Urubu (vulture’s stone)
360º panoramic view of the Rio da Madre estuary, ilha do Coral, the south of the island of Florianopolis, praia do Gamboa, Garopaba, praia da Pinheira and praia da Guarda.


Panoramic View from Pedra Do Urubu in Guarda Do Embau

Stone path to Pinheira
Towards the mouth of the river, the path goes through the Urubu beach. Continue walking to the tip, and you will see the rock-tracings, natural pools, desert beaches and the sea.

Dunes to Gamboa beach
An 8 to 9 km walk leads to Gamboa, only interrupted by sounds of the sea. It is habitual to get together at night to admire the moon, make a bonfire and enjoy the "luau", a night party around the bonfire, by the moonlight.

Boat or kayak ride through the river da Madre
Fishing boats and kayaks are rented to row on the river.

River Da Madre to cross to get to the beach in Guarda Do Embau, Brazil Rio Da Madre estuary with Guarda Do Embau beach


On the river da Madre, cliffs, the Coral island (renting a fishing boat in Pinheira) or on the beach in front of the dunes.


Visit the fort
Located on a small island between praia do Sonho (Papagaio) and the island of Santa Catarina (Naufragados beach). There are fishing ships to rent at praia do Sonho (Dreams beach).


On the rivers of the Tabuleiro mountains area.


Horseback riding

And a lot of party and music in the centrinho!

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Jovencio Aluga

House to rent the entire year in Guarda do Embaś.

Phone contact: (48) 3283-2583 / 8413-4015

Pousada Maktub Guarda Do Embaú BrazilLocated on an exceptional area in Guarda, it is only 2km from Pinheira, 60 mts from the river and 150 mts from downtown. A place surrounded by nature and tranquility.

Breakfast is served till noon!

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