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Turbo, Colombia:


Waffer Turbo port town Antioquia Columbia


Turbo is a port town on the coast of the Golfo de Urabá in the Antioquia Department in Columbia. It is the last port of Columbia to cross the border to Panama by boat.


The boats leave only in the morning from the port of Turbo towards various islands of the area, making the last stop in the island of Capurganá.The Immigrations department is set there where they stamp the way out of Columbia.


From Capurganá, another boat has to be taken to Puerto Obaldía, in Panamanian territory, where they will stamp in the passport the entrance to the country. Puerto Obaldía has no road connections to Panama City, therefore, a plane or boat must be taken to arrive in the city. The trip by boat is strongly recommended (if you have time) where you will sail across the paradisiac San Blas bay and will experience the contact with the indians Kuna Yala.

To leave the country remember to carry cash or any proof of economic solvency. Most frequently, they request the international credential of the yellow fever vaccine. For the columbians, there are many requirements to leave the country, but to enter Panama, everybody is required a proof of economic solvency and an air ticket out of the country. It can be towards any destination, not necessarily your own country of origin.

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