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Cahuita, Costa Rica:


Beach in National Park Cahuita Costa Rica


Cahuita is one of the most beautiful places of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast. It’s a peaceful place to rest, enjoy the exotic nature and the incredible white and black beaches with coral reefs. Its abundant aquatic life makes it an ideal place for snorkel and adventure spot for its exuberant vegetation and wild animals.


The National Park Cahuita, is the only National Park administrated by the community and there is no entrance fee, its by donation. This wild area protects one of the most developed coral reefs of the caribbean coast as well as wetlands and swamps, mostly dominated by the "yolillo" palm and the "sangrillo" tree.


The word Cahuita comes from the two words "Kawe" that means "Sangrillo" (a tree from this area) and "Ta" which means "point". It’s name best describes the area, which is a peninsula with a lush coastal rain forest with golden - sand beaches and turquoise sea water that border the coastal area of the Park.


There is a path to cross the forest and reach the tip of the peninsula with breathtaking beaches. You will find a great variety of wild animals and tropical plants, from sea turtles, monkeys, sloths, iguanas to a huge number of bird species and butterflies.


White-throated capuchin monkey in National Park Cahuita Costa Rica

 Path of the National Park Cahuita, Caribbean Costa Rica


The small town, its picturesque dirt and gravel streets, typical houses and reggae music conserve the afro-caribbean style. The atmosphere is laid back with a pacific lifestyle and gentle people. There are many charming restaurants, sodas and bars with a tantalizing reggae beats at night.


The gastronomy is a mixed heritage of races and the most famous are the dishes cooked in coconut milk such as the Caribbean "Rice and Beans", an exotic dish based on rice, red beans and coconut. The typical drink for breakfast, as well as coffee, is the "agua dulce" made from melted sugar cane and served with either with milk or water. When the drink is warm its called "agua dulce" and when they serve it cold with lemon it’s the "agua de sapo" (frog water).

Caribbean beach of Cahuita Costa Rica

There is a good accommodation supply, tours vehicle rental and souvenirs shops. The town has all the necessary services so that your stay is as comfortable as can be.

Cahuita is 4 hours away driving from San Jose, 43 kilometers south from the port city of Limon and 56 km from the city of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, well known for its infrastructure development and nightlife.

Cahuita beach National Park Costa RicaAmong the many activities available on the area, the highlight is the snorkeling and diving on the most representative coral reef of the Caribbean. Playa Negra, 1km from Cahuita, is a good beach to surf. Kayaks, waterfall hikes, indigenous indian villages, horseback riding on the beach and in the jungle, fishing, the Mariposario with bright colors butterflies, are some of the many options in the area.


No doubts whatsoever, a place to discover and enjoy the wonderful sights, incredible sounds and the delicious smell of nature.

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Cabinas Caribe Luna in Cahuita, Costa Rica

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