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Baños de Ambato, Ecuador:

Baños de Ambato

Baños de Ambato

Baños de Agua Santa, generally referred to as Baños, is one of the most visited places in Ecuador. Located on the Andean mountain range, at 1829 m.o.s.l., it’s set at the foot of the Tungurahua Volcano, famous for its constant activity, where you can observe major eruptions, steam puffs and feel the tremors.


Tungurahua Volcano in activity

Baños is a natural paradise with an exuberant tropical vegetation for its closeness to the Amazon and the Equator. Surrounded by incredible waterfalls, it has 57 cascades and thermal baths pools, an active volcano, hiking trails, suspension bridges and fast-flowing rivers. Ideal for walking tours, mountain tourism and extreme sports, there’s a wide variety of activities to choose from such as: trekking, rafting, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain bikes, horseback riding, tours to the jungle and the famous "Tarabita" (cable car).


El Manto de la Novia waterfall

Manto de la Novia WaterfallThe Tarabita is a lift cable car to cross rivers where there are no bridges. The most famous Tarabita is the one in "El Manto de la Novia" waterfall. This cascade is about 40 meters high and the cable car will take you across the Pastaza river for a closer view of the cascade. Once you get across the jungle, you get off the tarabita where there is a viewpoint and a small craft work market. El Manto de la Novia waterfall is located on the road from Baños-Puyo, also the route of the Pailón del Diablo and Machay waterfalls.


Pailón del Diablo Waterfall

Pailón del Diablo CascadeThe Pailón del Diablo is one of the most famous cascades of Ecuador. It is highly recommended to reach the place by bicycle through the famous road Baños - Puyo. You will go through a series of small cascades on the hillside along the Pastaza river, crossing bridges and tunnels. You can only get to a certain area by bicycle and then only foot travel is permitted. The hike goes on a trail through a lush cloud forest full of orchids, hydrangea and endemic vegetation until you reach a suspension bridge where you can appreciate this spectacular cascade with three falls of 80 meters high. Following the path there’s an edge viewpoint overlooking the waterfall. The cascade is named after the whirlpool that bathe the rocks, one with a devil’s face.


Machay Waterfall

Machay Waterfall in Baños, EcuadorThe Machay cascade is the most remote waterfall of the route of the cascades and it can reached by bus or bicycle that you can rent in town. To reach the place, take the same route as the Pailón del Diablo and continue a little further through the road that goes to Puyo.


The Machay Cascade, 45 meters high, is reached by descending some stairs and following a path with a diverse flora and fauna.


You can bathe in this cascade over some rocks nearby the waterfall, but it is not recommended to go below it due to the strength of the fall.



Other tourist attractions in BañosThermal Baths in Baños

There are plenty of cascades to visit: "Agoyan" Cascade in front of the Agoyan dam, the "Ulba" and "Chamana" Cascade on the road to the 5 star Hotel Spa Luna Runtun, Inés María Cascade, and the "Nahuazo" slide. The city offers many thermal baths to to relax of volcanic origin. The "Piscinas de la Virgen" thermal baths is in the heart of the city, below the "Virgen del Agua Santa" Cascade thermal springs.


You can also visit two amazing viewpoints, the Cross and the Virgin’s, from where you will be able to see panoramic views of the whole city. You can book a night tour to the viewpoint to contemplate the eruption of the volcano and try the authentic Ecuadorian drink "canelazo" (rum with cinnamon).


Baños de Ambato City at night

Enjoy the taste of the "melcochas" (reed honey sweets), the variety of handicrafts, and the magnificent views from above.


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Hotel in Banos, Ecuador near waterfall and active volcanoHotel - Restaurant - Cafeteria located in the best area of the town of Baños, offers a majestic view of the Virgin’s Waterfall and stunning surroundings.



Fachada Hotel Puerta de Alcalá Baños Ambato

The Hotel is located 40 meters from Baños Bus Terminal and a few blocks from downtown. Restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of typical Ecuadorian dishes.


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