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Puerto López, Ecuador:

Puerto López

Beach and hills of Puerto López on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, Manabí

Puerto López is a fishing town on the pacific coast of Ecuador and the most famous whale-watching destination in Ecuador.


Yearly it hosts the arrival of the Humpback whales who mainly choose this area for their reproduction and mating.


Humpback whale-watching Ecuador

From June to September, they swim from the Antarctic to these warm waters offering spectacular courtship jumps that national and international tourists come to enjoy.


Puerto López ecological capital of the Ecuadorean coast

At the end of the beaches on the northern area, there are caves with stones called "mesas" named after their "table" shapes.


On the southern area there’s a viewpoint on a hill where you can see the wide bay and condors flying.


Machalilla National Park, beaches, islet, diving, snorkeling, ecotourism

Puerto López is the headquarter of the National Park of Machalilla. It’s an ideal place for beach and mountain eco-tourism thanks to the rich nature of its wide beaches backed by green hills.


Touristic attractions of the area

Whale-watching and Isla de la Plata Tour
Blue-footed boobies species like in Galapagos, silver island, EcuadorThe whale-watching tour can be booked on the waterfront promenade (malecón). You can take the tour where they take you exclusively to watch the whales and, on the way back, there is a stop for snorkeling on the Salango Island, a beautiful coral beach resort with seals laying on the beach. Or you can take the full-day tour which includes the Whale-watching and the Isla de la Plata.


Isla de la Plata

This island is also called "Mini Galápagos" because it is inhabited by the same species as in Galápagos such as the Red, Blue, Frigate birds, Pelicans and Albatross. The island is named after the legend of pirate Sir Francis Drake whom is said to have stolen the gold from the Spanish ships and hid it somewhere on the island in a secret place that has never been found. There’s an extra entrance fee to enter the island, additional to the tour package.



Silver island mini galapagos, Manabi beaches, Ecuador

The beaches of Manabi are famous for their natural beauty, surrounded by cliffs, estuaries, islands and islets along the coastline.


Puerto Lopez fishing day beach and mountains

These beach resorts are the main tourist attraction of the province, being the most famous: Puerto Lopez, Ayampe, Los Frailes, Machalilla, Salango and Isla de la Plata islands in the center and south area; and San Vicente, Jama, Pedernales, Canoa, in the north, among others.

Los Frailes from ravine in tropical dry forest, EcuadorLos Frailes Beach
This white sand virgin beach, ideal for swimming for its pristine crystal-clar waters, is minutes away from Puerto Lopez and represents one of the most tourist areas of Ayampe. The beach is between two cliffs surrounded by a dry tropical forest with a viewpoint where you can admire small islands and Sucre islet.


This complex is a protected area with local facilities such as paths with signposts, parking, toilets and an entrance control where they charge a fee. Bear in mind that if you decide to visit the Isla de la Plata, you can buy a 3-day entrance ticket to the National Parks of the area covering the cost of entrance to Los Frailes.

Agua Blanca

Indigenous community of Agua Blanca thermal waters

The indigenous community of Agua Blanca hosts an archaeological site and museum of the Manteña culture that dates from B.C. 500 to 1500 A.D. There are funerary graves and sulphurous pools (thermal springs) very good for your skin located on a dry forest environment. There’s a fee entrance to this complex.


San Sebastian Cloud Forest
The path begins in a tropical dry forest and there is a transition toward tropical humid forest in the San Sebastian area, at 800 meters above sea level. This place has a wide variety of flora and fauna and is home of a thousand birds species.


It is quite common to find ant bears, white-tailed deers, howler monkeys and hummingbirds. Between May and November, this mountainous area’s climate becomes very cloudy and rainy. Horseback riding, trekking and bird-watching are very popular activities to do on this trails.

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Cabins with ocean view

hotel at the beach

Bungalows in a tropical garden, with jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, massages, & hammocks.


Spanish, English and Portuguese is spoken. 

Green architecture inn in Ayampe beach, EcuadorBoutique Hotel in Ayampe, 17 km south of Puerto Lopez. Green architecture cabins facing the Island of Los Ahorcados, outlined by mountains of the rainforest area of the buffer zone of Machalilla National Park.


whale-watching from June to September

Cirial Sur Tour Operator


Restaurant Hotel Oceanic Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Dishes à la carte with typical coastal food of the Manabí area:

Octopus, shrimp, fish, squid ceviche, mussel, lobster, marinières casserole, crêpes.

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