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Salinas, Ecuador:


Salinas beach, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Considered as one of the best beaches in Ecuador, Salinas is located in the Province of Santa Elena, on the Pacific Ocean, 120 km from Guayaquil.


Salinas beach, Santa Elena Peninsula, Ecuador

Salinas (salt mine) is the beach where the Ruta del Sol (Sun’s Route) begins, a tourism corridor that runs along the Ecuadorian coast offering a variety of resorts to visit.


Being a peninsula, Salinas has different types of coastline, on one side of the bay with calm waters, and the other, with big waves.


Salinas exclusive beach Ecuador

Yacht club Salinas, San Lorenzo beach

The water of the ocean is warm year-round and the most popular beaches are Chipipe and San Lorenzo, divided by the Salinas Yacht Club.


Chipipe beach is quieter and wider while San Lorenzo beach is more crowded, with lots of people jet skiing and windsurfing.


Santa Rosa beach residential area, Ecuador

San Lorenzo and Chipipe together with Santa Rosa beach with calm sea are good for swimming and snorkeling.


Beaches with big waves are in the military territory and you need a pass from the armed forces to enter. To get to beaches with strong waves, head toward the nearby town of La Libertad where the surf beaches of Mar Grande and Punta Carnero are.


Salinas boardwalk exclusive beach

The boardwalk of Salinas (Malecón) is the main attraction of this resort that offers lots of entertainment day and night and the unforgettable sunsets of the Pacific ocean.


Sunset on the Pacific Ocean, Salinas beach

The beach front is lined with high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, discos, craft market, banks, ice cream shops, cyber cafes and supermarkets.


This is a perfect spot for families, with a Water Park for children and beaches with calm sea. The Naval Archaeological Museum exhibits signs of Pre-Hispanic Ecuadorian History.


Salinas beach front calm waters Ecuador

Boardwalk of Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador

There is entertainment for all ages in Salinas. The resort is for sunbathing during the day and disco-dancing and bars at night. Enjoy delicious fish and seafood, and a good Ecuadorian ceviche!

Humpbacks whales

Humpback whale watching Ecuador
The whale-watching of humpbacks during their mating season is from June to October. You can book a tour by boat with expert guides.


Humpback whale summer parade Salinas Santa Elena

Each year there is a parade for the arrival of whales in the summer along the Malecon with the presence of the president. There is a display of dances and performances culminating in a bonfire and beach party.

La Chocolatera

La Chocolatera and sealions point in Salinas
"La chocolatera" is the most westernmost tip of South America in the Pacific. It’s named after the sand bottom that rises from the sea currents that converge, giving the sea its chocolate color. This is the best place to spot humpback whales, with a land platform that offers a unique panoramic view of the entire peninsula.

In this area, there is also a seal colony at the tip, near the surf beach. It is important to mention that this area is within the military territory and it is quite difficult to enter without a tour.


Salinas bay beach near Guayaquil
Punta Salinas hosts world deep sea sport fishing competitions, mainly for tuna, Blue and Black Marlin and sailfish. A few world records have been obtained here.

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Cocos Hotel oceanfront Salinas EcuadorThe Oceanfront Cocos Hostel is located on the Boardwalk of Salinas beach resort.

The hotel has 3 types of rooms: Standard, Plus, Superior and Oceanfront.


Hotel Las Conchas town in Salinas EcuadorThe spacious Hotel Las Conchas, near downtown Salinas, is ideal for all types of events.


It has direct beach access, 2 swimming pools, bedrooms for 150 guests and venues for over 1000 people.


Services and amenities

Hotel Casablanca Salinas EcuadorAccommodation, apartments and suites rental in Salinas, Ecuador. Casablanca Suites is located on the Malecon in Salinas. The Hotel and Apartments offer tourists and visitors a spectacular view of the Bay.


- Semi-Olympic pool
- Jacuzzi
- Parking Lot
- Humpback Whale-watching
- Salinas Bay boat tour "Celeste Vessel"

Hotel chain in Salinas, Santa Elena, EcuadorThe Hotel chain consists of 3 hotels: Francisco 1,  2, and Francisco 3.


The 85 rooms are suitable for the best sleeping comfort during your stay.


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