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How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets:

Follow these steps to find a good deal:

1- Advance booking: Airlines tend to offer the lowest prices on 21-day advance tickets, this is just a reference, but try searching for different dates, and try again for several days.

2- Search in several sites and airlines to compare: Airlines make different deals with each website or agency, so you will find the same flight at very different prices on different websites. Search out every possible website and compare.

3- Neighboring Airports: The price will vary from airport to airport. It is affordable in most cases to travel to the nearest destined airport (the cheap flight) and catch a train or cab to your final destination.

4- Weekdays: Numbers of passengers traveling during the weekends are much higher than in weekdays. This is why you get better deals and rates during weekdays. Flights departing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday usually offer the lowest fares.

where to start?

Here are a few links to sites you might find useful:

- Flight Network (Flight Network Homepage)

- Lowest Airfare Guarantee only on (Check this too)

- Priceline (Priceline Homepage)

- Last-Minute Deals Up to 50% off: Flights, Hotels, Cars, Packages! (Check this too)

- Priceline Flights - Select your Exact Flight & time or name your own price! (Check this too)

- Qatar Airways special offers (Select where it says "View Special Offers from")

- Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways Homepage)

- Check on Magazines and Newspapers for discount coupons