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Tikal, Guatemala:


Tikal  ruins in Guatemala in the Peten Jungle, Cradle of Mayan  Civilization

Tikal is one of the largest ancient cities of the Maya civilization.


The Tikal National Park is part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve and encompasses 576 square miles of jungle. This magnificent natural and archaeological reserve lies amidst the lush rainforest’s of the Petén jungle in northern Guatemala.


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The archaeological site of Tik’al, according to modern Maya spelling, is built from limestone and its pyramids are the most distinguished monuments of the ruins.

Towering crests above Peten jungle emerging in Tikal

Five towering temples majestically emerge above the forest and dominate this ceremonial center.


Temples, palaces, pyramids, plazas, palaces, residences, administrative buildings, platforms, trails, inscribed stone monuments, and many buildings covered by mounds of thick jungle are waiting to be discovered.


Main  Plaza, Temple I, North  and Central Acropolis view from  Temple II

Great     Plaza, Temple II, North Acropolis and Stelaes view

Group Q is a twin-pyramid complex. The Plaza of the Great Giant Jaguar holds the only pair of twin pyramids in the world: The Temple I "The Jaguar" and Temple II named "Temple of the Masks" or "Pyramid of the Moon".

Temple I of the Masks one of the Twin pyramid in TikalStelaes and figurehead in Tikal National Park, Guatemala

This pair of twin-faced pyramids, together with the North Acropolis and Central Acropolis, are the buildings that surround the Main Plaza of Tikal. The square is adorned by a series of smooth stelaes with their corresponding altars.


Temple  II group Q twin pyramid complex View from the North Acropolis, Tikal Mayan ruins in Guatemala

Temple IV (the Two-headed Serpent) 72 meters high (230 feet), and the Temple V of 58 meters (189 feet), are the highest pyramids. To preserve the original stone staircase there is a steep wooden staircase to the summit and see the majestic view of the jungle.


Temple V   one of the steepest pyramids in TikalPyramid V view  jungle from its summit

From the top of the pyramids you can see the crests of the temples that rises from the jungle.


Lost World  Pyramid complex in Tikal, Guatemala

The park contains some of the most important archaeological remains of ancient Mayan civilization. It is, no doubts whatsoever, a real metropolis in the middle of the jungle.

Inside the rainforest coexists a great diversity of flora and fauna, from spider monkeys and toucans to jaguars, golden oriole and parrots, and varieties of ceiba, the sacred tree of the Maya and sapodilla tree gum.

You can find hotels and lodging within the National Park Tikal, in the town of El Remate on the shores of Lake Peten Itza and in Flores city. Inside the park of Tikal there are several hotels, a camp, museums, restaurants and small dining rooms.

El Remate

El   Remate  town near Tikal National Park in Guatemala
El Remate offers accommodation of all categories and is a highly recommended place to stay for their safety, tranquility and beauty as it’s on the shores of Lake Peten Itza. You can enjoy a swim in the lake as well as its spectacular sunsets.


El  Remate town close to Tikal National Park in Guatemala

Many visitors consider El Remate the best option compared to the expensive hotels in the park of Tikal and the distant and bustling city of Flores.

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