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Acapulco, Mexico:


Golden Acapulco Santa Lucia bay, Guerrero, Mexico

Acapulco is the most important and visited beach in Mexico and a worldwide famous destination. This cosmopolitan city is a pioneer in tourism and considered the "Pearl of the Pacific", for its gorgeous semicircular bay surrounded by mountains, offering spectacular panoramic views from every angle.


Traditional Acapulco and Roqueta Island

Located on the south pacific coast, 395 km from Mexico City, Acapulco is divided in three main touristic areas: Traditional Acapulco, Golden Acapulco and Diamond Acapulco.


1. ACAPULCO TRADICIONAL - The Traditional Zone
The area of "Traditional Acapulco" is the oldest part of the city, the historical port area. Here you can appreciate the typical Acapulco, with its local costumes and traditions of its inhabitants.

The touristic spots of the area are:

La Quebrada Cliff Divers

La Quebrada gorge where divers leap from cliffs into ocean

One of the highlights of Acapulco is La Quebrada cliff divers, a show of daring dives off the natural cliffs of 35 meters into deep waters through a narrow gorge. There are many shows during the day but the show in the evening is the most visited and thrilling.


La Quebrada gorge divers show at nightDivers at La Quebrada gorge show at night

El Zócalo (Main Square)

Zocalo Main Square and Acapulco Cathedral

The main square holds the cathedral "Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad" and it offers a local craft market around the square.

San Diego Fort
: built during the late 18th century to protect the port, today it holds the Historical Museum of Acapulco and an interesting mask museum.

Roqueta Island

Isla Roqueta in front of Caleta beach, Traditional Acapulco

The Roqueta island is located in front of Caleta Beach, from where boats depart to the exclusive island to enjoy calm waters ideal for snorkeling. Or you can rent a boat and paddle to the island by yourself. The island is an excellent spot for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and hiking to unique views of Acapulco.

Caleta and Caletilla Beaches

Caleta & Caletilla Beaches in Traditional Acapulco Zone

These two small beaches are located south of the Peninsula, in the residential development of Las Playas. This beaches are much frequented by families and children for its calm ocean waters to relax and enjoy seafood.  Both beaches are separated by a bridge with the aquarium Mundo Marino located in between.

Other beaches to visit in the area: Honda, Langosta, Manzanillo, Tlacopanocha.

Pie de la Cuesta

Pie de la Cuesta beach and Coyuca lagoon
10km northeast of Acapulco is the "Pie de la Cuesta", a coastal village with long beaches and the Coyuca lagoon. The beaches are famous for its colorful sunsets and the lagoon offers the chance to explore mangroves, water skiing or bird watching.

2. ACAPULCO DORADO - The Golden Zone

Acapulco’s bay view from Chapel of peace
It’s the most touristic area with beaches, hotels, international cultural and convention centers, acquatic park, golf courts, craft market, restaurants and discos of great level.


Acapulcos’s main coastal avenue Miguel Aleman

Acapulco’s main avenue, the coastal avenue Miguel Alemán, is bathed by the most famous beaches. Southeast it becomes the Scenic rout, connecting the city with Puerto Marques and Acapulco Diamond. The scenic road is named after the spectacular panoramic high view of the bay it offers.


Acapulco beaches and cruise
The most popular beaches are Icacos, Hornos, Papagayo, Hornitos, Tamarindo and Playa Condesa, being this last one the most famous of all. Condesa Beach has good waves and offers many water activities such as parasailing, water skiing, the banana boat and a bungee jump. Nightlife begins at this beach due to its closeness to the discos, bars, shoppings and restaurants of the area.



Acapulco’s nightlife beachfront bars and discos

Acapulco’s nightlife is legendary. The coastal avenue is packed up with ocean front dance clubs, bars, restaurants, and discos with endless fun till sunrise. There are options for all ages and tastes, as well as plenty of stores and malls.


Bungee jump beach bar Acapulco nightlife

There’s a bungee jump on the beach bar coastal avenue worth watching, and for those who dare, worth jumping.


The Papagayo Park is an ecological reserve with artificial lakes, exotic species and entertainment for kids.

3. ACAPULCO DIAMANTE - The Diamond Zone

Diamond Acapulco and Puerto Marques bay

The exclusive area of Diamond Acapulco is the newest part of town and the most expensive one. Tucked into the steep mountainside overlooking the scenic bay of Puerto Marques, it has the most luxury hotels and mansions, as well as beautiful beaches on calm waters, very close to the airport.

The area offers a great hotel infrastructure, golf courts, aquatic sports, ultralight airplanes, and horseback riding on the beach. The long beaches offer bathing in open sea and big waves, ideal for long walks on the beach.

Puerto Marques
: this stunning bay with calm waters beaches and touristic development, attracts national and international tourism.

Beaches: the best beaches of this area are Pichilingue, Majahua, Revolcadero and Bonfil.

Capilla de la Paz (chapel of Peace)

Acapulco bay view from the chapel of peace mountain

This chapel is located on the highest part of the Guitarrón mountain, and it’s distinguished for its white cross 42 meters high. To get to the chapel, take the Scenic highway and take the road that goes up to the neighborhood "Las Brisas".


The Chapel is open from 10 am to 6pm and the entrance is free. Its spectacular panoramic view of the Santa Lucía Bay of Acapulco makes it worth visiting.

Tres Palos Lagoon and Barra Vieja
The Tres Palos lagoon’s size is three times bigger than the bay of Acapulco, offering a beautiful marine landscape and the tiny hamlet of Barra Vieja.

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Hotel in Traditional Acapulco close to Caletilla beachOlimar Hotel is located on the Hotel Zone in the Traditional Acapulco.


Only 1 block from Caletilla beach and 10 minutes from El Zócalo.



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