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Park in Mexico - Hidden Worlds Cenotes:

Park: Hidden Worlds Cenotes

Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, stalagmites and stalagtites

Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park offers unlimited fun. "Cenotes" underground dwells
of a thousand-year-old with stalactites and stalagmites, jungle, caves, monkey habitat, and the opportunity to plan your own adventure.


Cenotes, underground natural dwells, Yucatan, Mexico

The activities include cenote snorkeling, cenote splashdown zipline, cenote rappel, jungle canopy zipline, and the fantastic SkyCycle experience.

You can book the Ultimate Adventure package which includes all the park activities with unlimited access throughout the day, or choose the activities separately. In both cases you get to choose your own adventure.


Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, Yucatan Mexico Mayan Riviera
The adventure begins in a truck through the jungle that takes you to the Jungle Welcome  Center where there is a restaurant with mexican food, restrooms, lockers and a gift shop.

The Jungle Welcome Center is the base for all the activities that you can choose in order of preference and repeat the ones you like the most.



Activites in Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park:

SkyCycle Cenotes Experience

SkyCycle,  cable bicycle suspended at treetop level over the jungle

SkyCycle in caverns, aereal bicycle

The SkyCycle was invented at Hidden Worlds and it will soon expand to the world. It is a cable bicycle suspended at treetop level over the jungle, where you have an unforgettable experience.


SkyCycle Cenotes in Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, México, Mayan Riviera

You will feel like flying through the jungle at your own pace, going through caverns and swamps and down through the enchanting cenote "The Church". A guide will guide you to swim, snorkel, explore the cenote and discover the reason for its name.



Zipline Cenote Adventure, rappel and cenote snorkel
Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, Mayan Riviera, Méxicocenote splashdown zipline in Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park Mexico
This exciting experience combines the incredible cenote snorkel tour with the jungle canopy zip line, cenote splashdown zipline and cenote rappel.


Snorkeling cenote Takbi Luum in Hidden Worlds Cenotes ParkJungle canopy zip line and Cenote rappel


Cenote snorkel discovery
Iluminated Cenotes for snorkelSnorkeling cenotes in Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park
Visit two of the most beautiful cenotes in the are, The Church and Takbi Luum, and discover the Mayan sacred dwells with geological formations and marine life.


Cenote Diving

Diving Cenotes and underground rivers
For certifified Open Water divers, Hidden Worlds offer the most incredible caverns to dive.


Phone. (044) 984 115-4514 / 120-1977
Federal Highway 307, 35 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 15 minutes north of Tulum.
Open from monday to sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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