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Recommended destinations in Nicaragua:

Cathedral and Central Park León City, NicaraguaLeón is the second biggest and most important city in Nicaragua, famous for its colonial architecture, volcanoes with hiking and sand-skiing and beaches on the Pacific Ocean coast. It has the biggest Cathedral in Central America, and the third biggest in Latin America. In the center of the cathedral, there is a mausoleum holding the remains of the poet Rubén Darío.

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Ometepe Island, Punta Jesús María, NicaraguaOmetepe Island is the biggest freshwater island in the world and is inhabited by freshwater sharks. Located on the Nicaragua lake, the island is famous for its two volcanoes, the active Concepción and the extinct Maderas with a lagoon on its crater. Both can be climbed to the summit offering a spectacular view of the island. The Ometepe Island is a natural destination with gorgeous landscapes, archaeological richness, tranquil beaches, and good biodiversity of flora and fauna.

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