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Ometepe, Nicaragua:


Ometepe Island, Jesús María Point, Rivas, Nicaragua

Ometepe Island is the biggest freshwater island in the world. Inhabited by freshwater sharks, it is located on the Cocibolca lake, also known as the Nicaragua lake. When the spanish discovered it in 1523, due to its inmensity of approximately 8,264 km2, constant waves, and beautiful beaches, they thought it was a sea, and they called it "the freshwater sea". The indigenous ancestors named it "Ometepe" meaning in Náhuatl language "two hills".


Concepción and Madera Volcano in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua lake

The island is famous for its two volcanoes, Concepción (5282.15 feet) and Maderas (4573.49 feet), that are set in an 8 shape united by an isthmus, and each volcano is placed in one circle. The Concepción volcano is active while the Maderas is extinct and has a lagoon on its crater. Both can be climbed to the summit offering a spectacular view of the island.


Concepción Volcano at sunset in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

The Ometepe Island is a natural destination with gorgeous landscapes, archaeological richness, tranquil beaches, and good biodiversity flora and fauna. It has museums and a rich history of petroglyphs, ceramic and statuary.

To reach the island, you must take a ferry or a boat from the port of San Jorge in Rivas with a duration of 1 hour and a half. There are two ferries, one that arrives in the port of Moyogalpa and another in the port of San José.


Concepción Volcano

Concepción Volcano in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

There is a oaved road to go around the volcano and you can also climb it with 5282.15 feet high.



On the hiking you will be able to see howler monkeys, capuchino monkeys, magpie which is the traditional bird of the island and an infinity of flora and fauna.


Concepción Volcano active Crater Summit in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Concepción Volcano Crater Summit in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

The ascent takes about 5 hours and the descend approximately 4, going through forests, a rocky lava river. From then onwards the climbing gets steeper and steeper, with loose volcanic rocks, till you reach the summit where an active smoking crater with a spectacular view of the whole island will be awaiting you.


Maderas Volcano
Maderas Volcano view from the Concepción Volcano

The Maderas Volcano, 4573.49 feet high, is extinct with a bushy cloud forest and paths that will lead you to a lagoon on its crater. There are many paths to climb the Maderas Volcano, being the one starting on the Magdalena farm the most recommended.

There is a dirt road to go around the Maderas Volcano, where you will discover a rural area with farming towns. You can appreciate the Pre-Columbian history on the petroglyphs that are on the volcano.

Moyogalpa City in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua LakeThe town of Moyogalpa is the biggest and most developed in the island, offering all the services needed for your stay. From the port you will see the main street with the Concepción Volcano at the back. A paving road unites Moyogalpa with the town of Altagracia.




Altagracia Park, Ometepe Island, NicaraguaIt’s the second biggest town in the island, with a main square, good and economic lodgings, cibercafes, pharmacy’s and stores. One of it’s main attractions is the Pre-Columbian Museum that shows samples of ceramics, statuary pieces and petroglyphs.




Jesús María Point
Jesús María Point in Ometepe Island. lake of NicaraguaThe road from Moyogalpa to Altagracia has a numerous dirt roads that diverts to touristic spots. One of the roads leads to the Jesús María Point, a spot bathed by the waters coming from the two volcanoes. It offers an excellent panoramic view of the two volcanoes from a sandbank of 1.24 miles long.




Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo beach in front of Maderas Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua
Through the road from Moyogalpa to Altagracia, before reaching Altagracia, there is a dirt road divert that will lead you to Santo Domingo, the isthmus of the island where there best beaches in Ometepe are. On the same road is the "Eye of Water" as well as a great variety of hotels for all budgets.

Eye of Water

Eye of Water natural spring in Ometepe, Nicaragua
Place of relaxation, restful break and ecotourism
The "Eye of Water" is a natural spring in the island of Ometepe. It’s pristine, refreshing and curative waters, invite you to enjoy the nature that surrounds it. Reaching this precious spot is to live a wonderful and touristic adventure.

Eye of Water natural spring Ometepe Island, NicaraguaLocated between the two volcanoes, the Concepción and Maderas in Ometepe, the Eye of Water is of volcanic origin. Its crystalline waters have minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, boron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, and sulphur wich has medicinal properties for the skin. Its peaceful ecological environment contributes to the mental health of each visitor.

The Eye of Water is an underground current that comes from a fault of volcanic origin with very specific physical-chemical properties. The minerals mentioned above characterizes it chemically as a hard water. The Eye of Water is part of the route of the green farms, a touristic rout in Ometepe of farms that work on not only the traditional productive Agro-cattle activity, but also on the tourism activity.

Besides it’s refreshing rustic pools, the site offers a cafeteria to enjoy the most delicious island meals, natural juices, cocktails, buffet, starters, lunches, pastas, and typical drinks such as "chicha de maíz" (fermented maize) and "pinolillo" (a drink made of pinol).

Indigenous communities of Urbaite and Las Pilas
On the road from Moyogalpa to Altagracia, before the divert towards Santo Domingo, are the native communities of Urbaite and Las Pilas that offer the service of "Town Hotel". This rural tourism service makes possible the interaction with the island local customs. The Ometepinos, the island inhabitants, are gentle, hospitable and working people.

In the native community of "Las Pilas" Mrs. Marta Elena Lorío offers a rural lodging with traditional Ometepinan food. She offers "guiso de pipián" (a type of squash stew), indio viejo, roasted chicken and fried fish. Tours to the Santo Domingo beaches and the other communities are also offered by foot. They host people from all over the world offering an economic lodging up to 5 people. How to get there: go inside the Urbaite town, on the main square, the house with two floors. Municipality of Altagracia, Ometepe Island. For more information contact Doña Marta Elena on her mobile +505 3580061.

Mirador del Diablo Viewpoint

Mirador del Diablo Viewpoint in Omepete Island, NicaraguaThe natural reserve of Charco Verde offers a hill, a lagoon, and a variety of flora and fauna, together with famous myths of the island. The hill has a viewpoint called "Mirador del Diablo" where you will be able to appreciate a panoramic view of Ometepe as well as howler monkeys and magpies.






San Ramón Cascade
The rural town of San Ramón is on one side of the Maderas Volcano in front of the lake. It’s famous for its waterfall that you can reach after some hiking through natural paths. The same paths that is used for the cascade reaches the summit of the Maderas Volcano.


Magpie and Howler Monkey in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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Posada Cabrera Bed and Breakfast in Ometepe Island, NicaraguaPosada Cabrera Bed & Breakfast welcomes you to enjoy a family environment.


The Inn offers 7 rooms with shared and private bathrooms. It is located downtown the town of Altagracia, in front of the central park, with easy access to the bus stop to Moyogalpa and the rest of the island.


It offers a view to the Concepcion Volcano, a garden and a private parking. It has an own van for the touristic transportation to the Eye of the Water and the Island of Ometepe.


It’s connection with the Eye of the Water access it’s guests to special prices and it offers food service, breakfasts and lunches, that you can choose to enjoy either at the inn or at the Eye of Water. Moreover, it has a pharmacy with 24 hour service.

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