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Coronado, Panama:


Coronado exclusive beach in Panama

Playa Coronado is one of Panama’s most exclusive beaches. An ideal weekend or vacation home destination for its natural beauty, warm climate and amenities.


Its beautiful sandy beaches with clear green water are surrounded by lush vegetation and rugged mountains.


Coronado beach surrounded with jungle and mountains

The beaches are a mix of white and volcanic sand and go on uninterrupted for miles. The town can get very busy during the weekends, while on week days there are huge stretches of beach all to yourself.

Coronado is coastal city and gated resort located about 1 hour drive from Panama City along the Pan-American highway, or 10 minute flight by helicopter.


This beach resort offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean’s beaches, the surrounding tropical rain forest with natural fauna and the mountains ranges.

Coronado gated resort with real estate condos Panama

At Playa Coronado you can find nearly everything you need for an amazing vacation home.


There are 24-hour supermarket, hospital, clinics, drug stores, restaurants, bars, hardware stores, banks, shopping malls, conference rooms, play areas for kids, equestrian club, 18 hole golf courses, tennis courts, spa, jacuzzis, swimming pool, hotels and fully equipped resorts.

Real  Estate beach front condos in Coronado, Panama

This vacation and weekend beach resort visited by national and international tourists, is a good place to relax with your family, play golf, plan a corporate event, or celebrate your wedding and honeymoon.

Coronado exclusive gated beach resort in Panama

Coronado is quite an exclusive Americanized gated resort. There are guards at the entrance that will ask you a couple of questions as to what hotel or condo you are staying at.

Coronado  white  and volcanic sand beaches in Panama

Playa Coronado is located in an area of interest for Panama Real Estate, near the beach areas of Gorgona and Farallon, also known as Playa Blanca, where the Decameron All-inclusive hotel stands. Coronado beach is also about 50 minutes away from the popular mountain vacation town of El Valle.

Beach sunbathing, walking & swimming
Horse-back riding
Tennis courts
Jacuzzi & swimming pool
Spa treatments
Bars and restaurants
Handicrafts and souvenirs shopping

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