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Panamá, Panama:




Panama is a fascinating city for its cultural variety, scenic, historical, touristic and strategic position. Many of its historical and economical factors are due to its positioning. From the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Vasco Núñez de Balboa to the construction of the Panama Canal, unique engineering and construction in the world that unites the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean in only 80 km. It’s a strategic spot for international business connecting the World Merchant Shipping Market.


It’s strong economy based on the dollar, the low taxes (5%) and the free trade center of Colón contributes to its success as a shopping center. Products from all over the world are sold in huge commercial areas and Malls with the highest standards in luxury and fine merchandise.


Considered the "Las Vegas" of Central America, Panama offers a live nightlife where casinos, restaurants, pubs, bars and discos unites to offer something different every day of the week.


Places to visit in Panama


The Panama Canal:

Miraflores Visitors Center


The best way to see the canal is either to book a whole package tour or to go by bus. The buses leave from the Albrook Bus Station toward the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center. There are two entrance fee options: the partial tour that includes the panoramic terrace platform to see the locks in operation; and the complete tour that, in addition to the platform, you have access to a museum and a film about the construction of the canal. The building has restrooms in each floor as well as restaurants and cafeteria.


The Panama Canal work as water elevators. Before its construction, this area was covered by mountains and jungle. They built artificial lakes so that the ships would be able to navigate from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and vice versa. The Canal uses three locks as entrance and exits for the boats. The function of these locks is to rise the ships from the oceans to the lakes level, and finally empty them to lower the ship to the sea level. The Canal is 80 km long and it goes from the City of Panama to Colón. People from all over the world daily visit the Eight Wonder of the World.


Old Panama:

Torre de Panamá La ViejaVisit the ruins of the old city of Panama and feel like as if you had traveled back in time. It is the first city founded on the pacific coast of the American Continent. This Historical Monumental group of Old Panama preserves the phe-Hispanic remains and the ruins of the Old City of Panama (1517-1671). Due to the city sack of pirate Henry Morgan, it was burnt and moved to what is know today as the Casco Antiguo.


Go up 40 meters to the Tower of the Cathedral that is nowadays working as a viewpoint. Visit the convent of the nuns from la Concepción where there are the ruins of a well, the church and convent of la Compañía de Jesús, the Center of the Visitors of Old Panama, and the National Handicrafts Market.



Panama City Cathedral

Casco Antiguo: Visit the Vaults of the colonial Panama,  the Panama City Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, Saint Josephs’s (Golden altar), the National Theatre, the Religious Art Museum, The Panama Canal Museum, the History Museum and the Bolívar Room.


Amador Causeway:

Amador CosewayEnjoy the panoramic view of the city from this bay, commonly compared to Manhattan, New York. This beautiful and modern road, built with the excavations rocks from the Canal’s construction, linking together 3 islands (Naos, Perico and Flamenco) with the mainland part of the city. Decorated with tropical palm trees and with an ocean view from both sides of the road, it offers a recreational area and beach to relax and enjoy in family. You can walk through the promenade, jog, ride your bike, roller blade, rent a tandem or simply delight yourself with some of the many restaurants and bares there are. From this area is the departure of the ferries to the Island of Taboga with beautiful beaches.


The bridge of the Americas:

The Bridge of the Americas over the Panama Canal

The Bridge of the Americas is over the Canal and you can observe it from the Viewpoint of the Americas.This place was remodeled by the Chinese community in commemoration of 150 years of their presence in Panama.


Train: Travel to Colón by train seeing the riverbanks of the Canal and arriving to the free zone of Colón. The train departures from Corozal at 7:15 and returns from Colón at 17:15.

Ecotourism: There are many options for ecotourism: Gamboa Rainforest Resort, the forest reserve of the Metropolitan National Park, the Natural red mud Monument located on an island in Lake Gatún, and the Botanic Garden where there is a zoo.

Reprosa Factory: Watch the gold smithing techniques that was used hundreds of years ago for the gold and silver treasures of Panama.

Mi pueblito: Revive the past of an town of the interior of the country for the beginning of the 20th century and the different ethnics of Panamanian people: the afro west indians, the Kunas indian, the Emberás and Ngöbe-Buglé indians.

Malls: There are many huge shopping centers in town. Among them you can find the Multiplaza Pacific Mall, the Multicentro Mall, and the Albrook Mall that is located next to the National Transportation Terminal.

Balboa Avenue: Stroll this avenue and amaze yourself with the famous penthouses and skyscrapers of about 50-stories.

Modern area: Do not forget to visit the Banking area, the bars and restaurants in El Grangrejo, and the New Panama in Costa del Este.

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