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San Carlos, Panama:

San Carlos

 San Carlos beach in Panama


San Carlos is a residential beach resort 90 km away from Panama City. The winding narrow streets are surrounded by nature offering a picturesque scene.


San Carlos Town in PanamaIt has a commercial area where you can find small supermarkets, pharmacy, restaurants, and few hotels.


The beaches are wide, of great natural beauty, abundant vegetation and a river with fresh water meets the salt water from the sea forming an estuary. It’s a relaxing place and getaway of the hustle and bustle of the city where nature and beaches create a great recreational area.


San Carlos is right next to "El Palmar" town and it’s 4 miles from Coronado, one of the most frequented spots with the best infrastructure of the pacific coast in Panama.Coronado is a weekend and vacational resort very famous for its retirement community.

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San Carlos Hotel and restaurant Located close to the beach, nearby the town, and in front of the bus stop. It has a Mexican & Chinese restaurant, air conditioning, Tv, parking, Wi-Fi, private General Medical Clinic with ambulance services.

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