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Recommended destinations in Peru:

Machu Pichu fortress city of the ancient Incas - UNESCO World Heritage CentreCusco is the historic capital of the Inca Empire in southeastern Peru. The city is surrounded by numerous ruins along the Sacred Valley, being Machu Picchu the major Inca archaeological site, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. This enigmatic ancient citadel, surrounded by agricultural terraces, can be reached by train or by foot through the Inca Trail, one of the most famous treks in the world.

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Huanchacho surf beach of Trujillo, PeruLocated in northwestern Peru, Trujillo is internationally known for its surf beaches where you will find the longest left wave in the world. It offers many natural, cultural and archaeological tourist attractions: the ruins of Chan Chan -the world’s largest pre-Columbian city built out of adobe, the traditional reed boats, colonial monuments, the Marinera Dance, ceviche dishes and the Pilsen Trujillo beer.

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Port of Ilo pacific coast PeruIlo is an important port in Peru located on the southern Pacific coast. There are several scenic white sandy beaches to enjoy all year round and camp in a tranquil area. The malecón is the most beautiful and modern boardwalk of the Peruvian coast to enjoy both day and night. Ilo’s tourist attraction is Punta de Coles, a spot home to millions of sea lions.

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