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Ilo, Peru:


Port of Ilo pacific coast Peru

Ilo is an important port in Peru located on the southern Pacific coast. It is the largest city in the region of Moquegua and the capital of the province.

Ilo is known due to the movement of ships carrying copper to the world as it has the dock of the copper miner Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC).


Pacific Coast Sunset at Ilo’s pier

The ’malecón’ is the most beautiful and modern boardwalk of the Peruvian coast to enjoy both day and night. Every day people gather in the comfortable facilities of the pier to watch the beautiful sunset overlooking the sea and stay up late in good company of the breeze and the sound of the waves.



Ilo has several beautiful beaches being Poso de Lisas, Monte Carlo and English Harbor the most famous ones.


Arena Blanca beach

Arena Blanca beach south of Ilo

Pelicans at Arena Blanca beach

37 km south of Ilo is the Beach ’Arena Blanca’, a tranquil paradise of wide sandy beaches where you can camp, always respecting the delicate balance of its ecosystem.


Ilo’s tourist attraction is Punta de Coles, a spot home to millions of sea lions.



11 km from the port is the district of El Algarrobal, a small valley with Olive groves, private farms, and a museum. The Municipal Museum of The Algarrobal holds the archaeological remains of the Chiribaya culture that was established in the area a thousand years ago.


Malecón pier area of ilo city, Moquegua, Perú

Temperatures range between 18 and 28 degrees, and it never rains due to its location in the Atacama Desert, allowing outdoor activities and the beach to enjoy all year round.

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Hotel Ilo beach south PeruRossana Hostel

A warm and familiar Hotel located in the heart of Ilo port city in southern Peru.



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